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Our work with companies in this sector reflects our long-standing focus on the role of technology (predominantly IT and web) as the catalyst for industry disruption and competitive advantage. But technology is not the only story here: we assist clients to develop successful new growth strategies where new technology is not required.

As in other industries our work is grounded in ‘third level’ understanding of operational economics. We help our clients ensure that their assumptions about revenues and costs in new operating models are explicit and correct.

We have years of experience in publishing, E commerce and Internet services, and marketing and communications. We work with leading companies around the world in entertainment, media and communications, in the areas of digital distribution of content, industry analysis, sales and marketing, brand development, customer/audience development, operations and organization.

Recently we were asked by a major business publication to explore the possibility of launching an “on-line” MBA. We also serve a world-leading opera company to develop growth strategies, increase audiences and grow revenue through new distribution channels.

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