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Volatility in capital markets, social & macroeconomic shifts, governmental regulations and the 2007-2009 downturn are currently challenging the structure of the entire insurance industry.

Primary Insurance is faced with at least three major developments that will reshape the industry between now and 2015:
  • Legislative Changes in Health and Life with an impact on sales of more than 50%, making investment steering mechanisms a crucial success driver to optimize capital allocation
  • A new approach on the current operating model, turning its back on the traditional product based organization to focus on a more customer centric model
  • Consolidation trends arising out of an increasing role of economies of scale - raising new questions regarding the competitive market position of each player
Until 2015 we expect pressure on combined and cost:income ratios to increase. In Europe, this pressure is also driven by the dramatic changes in public pension and health provision. We offer in-depth insights on how the market is tackling these questions, develop highly scalable business strategies and lead them into P&L delivery.

We assist a variety of clients in analysis of their competitive position and articulation of market winning strategies. We have launched direct insurers, empowered sales channels, repositioned governance, transformed insurance institutions into industrialized organizations, and turned scale into competitive advantage.

For Reinsurers, change in the occurrence of natural catastrophes brings additional challenges. We support clients in three core areas:
  • Reassessment of portfolios and adjust pricing adjustment
  • Expansion of the business model to advising primary insurers
  • Seeking new opportunities in health & life to compensate for risks in P&C
We serve a variety of clients in property and casualty, life, health, reinsurance, and asset management. We also address performance and IT and operational issues in supporting services organizations – mainly claims management, IT-services, and procurement.
For further information please contact Tom Wisniewski in New York at twisniewski@baldwinbell.com
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