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Even prior to the recent reforms, our work in US healthcare – which embraces nine distinct industries – convinced us that US corporations must step up to the challenge of reducing healthcare costs. Waiting for the government to do it and leaving it to the regulators may well result in higher costs and lower quality health care for their employees.

The irony is that American companies know how to reduce the costs of providing employee health care. The skills developed in the management of supply chains and sourcing over the last two decades are most certainly up to this challenge. Moreover, new sources of information about the quality of approaches, procedures, prevention and interventions are reshaping relationships between health care costs and quality.

There is increasing evidence that the leaders of American companies are accepting the challenge of getting better health care for less for their employees. Moreover employees can be enlisted to manage their health care and information about it. BBG intends to expand its ability to help both companies and their employees.

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