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Our banking and securities clients range from local securities brokerages to global diversified financial services firms.

We are often engaged as part of a broader effort to help CXOs turn around the performance of their businesses and functions. We work with client CXOs – principally CIOs and CFOs - to control complexity and its associated costs, as well as on capital allocation and risk management. We also support these companies in restructure their IT operations delivering cost savings of up to 30%; and non-IT third party costs, with like for like baseline reductions of 15-30%.

In many cases we also support our clients to:
  • Drive effectiveness through the use of existing capability and automation
  • Control labour costs (through layering, driving up the percentage of client facing employees).
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Review real estate costs
For further information please contact John Hogan in New York at jhogan@baldwinbell.com or Philip Warley in London at philip.warley@baldwinbell.eu
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