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From our perspective, organisation no longer follows strategy but is an integral part of it. We look closely at how competitors are moving capital, resources and new ideas to locations that provide technology, talent and increased productivity. We help you develop new organizational responses to adapt and transform structure and core processes, and particularly those driven by technology.

Our approach is informed by specific experience and industry insights drawn from our client work. These include, for example:
  • A key lesson from the winners across industries it is that managers can no longer think about organization and operations as separate challenges. Toyota’s decision to organize around its functions rather than geographies or product lines is critical to its operations and its ability to capture the benefits of both scale and experience.
  • Management of information technology can be the difference between winning and losing due to its increasing impact on revenues and costs. Too often IT succumbs to the same complexity creep as the organizations it supports.
  • Third, sourcing and supply chain management are strategic functions capable of creating and destroying competitive advantage. A sea change occurred when companies began to analyze the structure, conduct and performance of their suppliers and to use that knowledge to develop relationships and arrangements that were wins for both.
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