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Functional Practices

Corporate & Business Strategy

Our approach to corporate strategy draws on the core relationship between industry structure and competitive conduct to predict performance. What’s different, however, is our deep understanding of the degree to which organization and operations can affect the performance of individual firms.
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Operations and IT

‘No IT, no business’ is an obvious truth for most businesses, and the inherent challenges of harnessing its full potential are considerable. So, no new news that IT and Business leaders deploying substantial IT assets are under constant pressure to deliver ever more value from them.
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Sourcing & Outsourcing

Only a few years ago companies did not understand the economics of their suppliers and strategic partners. They treated them like commodity vendors; relationships were adversarial.
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From our perspective, organisation no longer follows strategy but is an integral part of it. We look closely at how competitors are moving capital, resources and new ideas to locations that provide technology, talent and increased productivity.
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