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Corporate & Business Strategy

Our approach to corporate strategy draws on the core relationship between industry structure and competitive conduct to predict performance. What’s different, however, is our deep understanding of the degree to which organization and operations can affect the performance of individual firms. Consider Toyota’s dramatically superior performance vs. all other auto majors, which is largely due to its functional organization and relentless, decades-long control of complexity.

Also key to strategic insight is the disruptive potential of technology, particularly information technology. Having spent years consulting to clients in financial services, we deeply understand IT’s fundamental role in driving and delivering corporate and business unit strategy.

We help clients improve understanding of why and how industry structure and competitive behaviour are changing and what those changes imply for operating performance and financial results. We do this through rigorous analysis of primary data. Our goal is always to help you get a valid and dynamic picture of the root causes of change.

Capital rationing plays an increasing role in corporate strategy. Our thinking has been influenced by our work in private equity and its approach to capital allocation. Twenty years ago professional service firms provided managers with new models for organization; private equity is now providing new models for managing investment and capital allocation.

Our approach to business unit strategy is focused on value and cost: either create more value for customers at the same cost, or provide the same value as competitors at lower cost. Our “third-level” analysis of costs gives managers, including highly experienced managers, a deeper appreciation of cost drivers and how they are changing.

We see business unit strategy as a “full court press” involving simultaneous change in focus, operations and organization to achieve truly significant and sustained results.

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