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Our Approach to Problem Solving

Results-Driven Problem Solving

We are results-driven problem solvers by nature. Our origins are in top tier consultancies and world-class organisations. Our expertise and expertise covers strategy, operations, organisation and change management, service design, sourcing, outsourcing, and off-shoring, as well as IT. We are industry agnostic but bring deep expertise in sectors with high operations and IT intensity, such as financial services.

Intense Pragmatism with a Hands-on Approach

We understand the big picture, as well as the nuances and realities of delivering major change in large organisations. We are analytically rigorous and fact-based, and we do detail. As a result, we come with open minds to find ‘best’ solutions, and we are largely free from dogma and unconstrained by conventional wisdoms.

Business Focus

We are business consultants and we approach issues through a business lens, and in response to business priorities. The saying ‘to a hammer everything is a nail’ is apt for many business issues whose solutions are multi-dimensional. We do not see problems as strategy, organisation, operations, sourcing, or IT, but of all in combination.

Independence and Objectivity

We are independent. Our business model is serving clients as trusted advisors and providers of skilled execution support. We do not have vested interest in outcomes. We don’t have sister businesses in outsourcing or service delivery, and we are fully independent of extraneous influences. We often follow our clients as they move from one organisation to another.

Challenge the Status Quo

Where facts and experience lead us to have strong views we are not shy about advocating and defending them where we believe they are in clients’ best interests. For example our unambiguous experience is that a services-led approach to designing IT and operations organisation and delivery both addresses the causes of high cost but also ensures maximum alignment with internal and external customers.
Our Expertise
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