Baldwin Bell Green
Core Beliefs

Strategic Insight Anchored in Experience and Pragmatic Perspective

Strategies must be grounded in explicit and quantitative understanding of industry economics and evolution. This requires understanding segment growth and decline, competitive conduct, the role and impact of technology, and of changes of corporate control. General models of strategy are necessary first steps but do not provide sufficient insight for senior executives to bridge the gap between high level strategies and winning game plans. The problem is not execution, but experience. The functional and industry experience we bring exposes what’s failed or succeeded in the past and why.

Understanding Operational Financial Value Drivers

The level and granularity of information generally available to senior management does not help preserve and increase enterprise value. Basic industry analyses (investment banking overviews) and financial information (annual reports) do not help senior management make better operating decisions on a day-to-day or annual basis. Nor do these first two levels of information help re-think organizational structure and re-design key processes. A third level of information - grounded in business operating economics - is necessary for senior managers both to turn strategy into operations and make critical decisions and adjustments.

Elimination of “Valueless” Complexity

Complexity is one of the biggest and most challenging problems that large companies and organisations face.

Often the result of operational and IT legacies, complexity reduces focus, increases costs, and stifles innovation. Pundits argue that there is good and bad complexity. However, senior managers should assume that complexity is bad, and ensure that bias toward simplicity is embedded in the objectives of all functional managers and core processes.

Tailored delivery of Experience-based Pragmatic Advice and Results

We tailor delivery of our consulting support to ensure that clients get what they need. Growing information availability and senior management’s need for experience-based analysis, insight, discussion and counsel require flexible consulting delivery, usually not possible by sole practitioners, large team pyramids, or armies of processes analysts. We operate as small teams of experienced, pragmatic and hands-on advisors. Our flat structure means that you get highly responsive and flexible service.
Our Expertise
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