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Business Analyst

BBG's focus on working with clients on top strategic issues and the high ratio of Partners to non-Partners make for an exciting, collegial, challenging and fun work environment. Business Analysts (BAs) usually join after graduation with a Bachelors degree. We do not seek any specific qualification or area of study, although quantitative skills are appreciated.

We work very collaboratively and construct teams with complementary skills and experiences to best serve our clients and develop our people. BAs will have the opportunity to work side by side with very senior consultants and client teams from Day One.

BAs are generally assigned to one client team at a time (although they may concurrently work on practice development activities or client proposals). The role of the BA will vary depending on the skills and experience in the team. We aim to assign BAs to teams in which they will gain experience in different industries and serve in different roles. The BA’s role will change as new analytic tools and approaches are learned and presentations opportunities arise.

BBG believes that the best way to build long term success, both at the individual and firm level, is through training. Training takes place in two complementary ways: informal, on the job, and formally. The high ratio of Senior to less experienced consultants makes for an environment well suited for informal training. In addition, throughout the year, consultants will be able to participate in or lead formal skill development workshops in which reviews of interesting client cases are also shared. At least once per year, all Business Analysts and Associates from BBG’s Germany, London and New York offices are brought together for a period of intense Training and team building activities.

We expect that BAs will gain the skills, experience and confidence to excel in any future career. Business Analysts typically remain in the BA role for 2-4 years depending on prior work experience, ability, and motivation before being promoted into an Associate role or pursuing an advanced degree (such as an MBA).

BBG’s focus on working with top clients on their most important top level strategic issues, and high ratio of Partners to non Partners make for an exciting, collegial, challenging and fun work environment.

We work together in a collaborative fashion, and construct teams from people with complementary skills and experience to best serve our clients and develop our people.

Associates are generally assigned to one or more project teams at a time. An Associate will typically be responsible for a discrete work component within the overall project. As such, he or she will define the key work steps, conduct interviews, gather data, build models and perform analysis, write and present materials to meet objectives jointly set with the Manager or Partner.

Associates typically remain in the Associate role for 2-4 years depending on prior work experience, ability, and motivation before being promoted to a Manager role. Associates are given increased responsibilities as they gain experience. At first, they direct and manage their own work, and then take responsibility for guiding the work of other, less experienced team members as they work towards building the skills required to become a successful Manager.

Initial client project work normally takes place on a client project based out of the BBG home office. There may be opportunities to serve clients as part of a team based in one of our international offices for those seeking international experience.

Examples of recent client work done by BBG Associates:
  • Strategic Analysis, Merger candidate identification and evaluation for Fortune 100 Industrial company
  • Marketing & Audience Development Support for a Major International Opera
  • In-depth Sourcing and Procurement Process Improvement at a Fortune 100 financial services firm
  • Liquidity Risk assessment of the Global Payment system for consortium of leading banks and regulatory authorities
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