Baldwin Bell Green
Become part the BBG Story

We bring together unique individuals with a wide array of experiences, and an even wider range of academic backgrounds. We ensure that each team member is valuable contributor to building the firm.

Once here, there is no fixed career track. Team members advance at the pace of their personal and professional development.

Who We Are Looking For

BBG seeks talented individuals with exceptional analytical and problem solving skills, who think and express themselves clearly, learn quickly, and are interesting and fun. We review resumes year round and will fill positions on an as-needed basis.

Training and Career Support

BBG believes that the best way to build long term success, both at the individual and firm level is through training. In particular, training in how to think about industry and strategic situations and how to get information that matters, rather than what’s easily available. Your training will take place in two ways: informally, on the job, and formally. The high ratio of senior to junior consultants makes for an environment well suited for informal training – which is at the core of how consultants learn at BBG. This informal training is supplemented periodically through skills development workshops and other structured training programmes.
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